The Sport and Spine Physiotherapy Difference

Jim Tsaprailis and our extraordinary staff offer a very modern, open concept clinic that is well equipped, ideally located and a staff that is very friendly, professional and dedicated to their work!  We offer immediate assessment openings, realizing the importance of early physio intervention leads to quicker recovery times and return to full physical function.  

All patients are thoroughly evaluated to identify the “cause” of your dysfunction, and help correct faulty alignment, movement patterns and muscle imbalances.   Our Physiotherapist takes an active, evidence-based approach to the management of injuries and health conditions. Specialized knowledge and skills on hands-on techniques, exercise prescription and patient education are utilized to promote, restore and prolong functional independence and physical performance.  

Everyone is treated with the utmost respect, compassion and honesty.  Commitment to client-centered care is reflected in individualized treatment programs which are provided in a setting of one-on-one personalized care lasting 60-75 minutes per session.  The same physiotherapist who completes your evaluation and identifies your impairments, oversees and progresses your treatment session on every visit. 

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