What Makes Us Different

1. Accessible

We don’t believe in having a waiting list, we offer immediate assessments openings, realizing the importance of early physio intervention leads to quicker recovery times! Once patients are assessed and a home exercise program is given, treatment is initiated immediately!

2. Thorough Assessment

Patients are actively involved in an assessment where a detailed subjective history and objective assessment is performed. Patient’s medical diagnosis and prognosis is discussed, along with identifying patient’s overall goals and objectives.

3. We Treat the Cause, Not the Symptoms

After the assessment is completed; a treatment program is initiated that targets the root cause of the problem. Resolving this will only ensure a complete recovery and will allow the patient to return to an active lifestyle, without the worry of injury reoccurrence.

4. Individualized Treatment Approach

Patients are given a home exercise program on first visit and their treatment regime is individualized to their specific impairments and goals. Every patient is treated with the utmost respect, compassion and honesty.

5. Hands on Approach

Our physiotherapist takes an active, evidence-based approach to the management of injuries and health conditions. Specialized knowledge and skills on manual therapy “hands on approach”, exercise prescription and patient education are utilized to promote, restore and prolong functional independence and physical performance.

6. Proactive Treatment Approach

All treatment sessions last 60-90 minutes, which incorporates movement reeducation, muscle strengthening activities, postural control and mobility exercises. Patients are “actively” involved in their rehab to incorporate what they are taught into daily functional activities.

7. Continuity of Care

As the only physiotherapist in the clinic, I complete all patient assessments and progress each patient through every treatment session. Every patient remains under my care until they are discharged. We also incorporate physiotherapy assistants that are very friendly, professional and dedicated to their work to help administer your treatment!

8. Flexibility

At Sport and Spine Physiotherapy, we offer appointments between 7 am – 7 pm. This allows patients to come in before or after work or school, as well as throughout the day.

9. Independent Facility

Sport and Spine Physiotherapy is independently owned and operated and has no direct affiliation or financial interest with any physician or health care provider. We accept all patient referrals for Physiotherapy.

10. Accessible Facility

Our clinic is very modern, well equipped, and spacious to ensure a comforting and professional atmosphere. We have a great location and provide free parking to all our patients.

Thank you for being so professional and genuinely caring!

– J S

I appreciate the thoroughness of this clinic. When I come here I feel my concerns are being heard and treated accordingly..

– B M

Attentive, right on top of everything!.

– S M

I will not hesitate to return or refer friends and family..

– D P

Thanks SO much for all of your help and dedication! Your commitment is so appreciated.

– C L

Thanks a million for helping me. I am gracious for your compassion and extraordinary professionalism.

– M T

My recovery and my confidence in my knee is all thanks to you. I couldn’t have done it without Sport And Spine.

– B S

The team works like a well oiled machine, from start to finish. I’m truly grateful!

– J B
Jim Tsaprailis, PT
1152 London Road
Sarnia, On
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